Awww yeahhh
Awww yeahhh
The North Left

The North Left, Spiritual Sucessor of The Crosby, Is Now Open

Great news coming out of Downtown Santa Ana: The North Left, the spiritual successor of the Crosby, is now open for business.

They actually had a soft opening last week (which I heard went phenomenally well) to work out the kinks, but now it's prime time. Go tonight. It's located at 400 N. Broadway in the same space as the Crosby, and they'll be serving a very similar menu -- hip, new American cuisine with a focus on the local and the fresh (I hear all of the desserts are gluten free).

Now an admission: Privately, I had kind of rolled my eyes at the name "The North Left." I know I basically owed by social life in the last years of college to The Crosby, but come on? The North Left? This ain't Sasquatch. Well, now my eyes are unrolled. The interior is gorgeous, resplendent with leather and wood -- kind of like a modern Americana take on interior design. The North Left is a perfect name, and I'm super excited that it's open.

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Oh, and welcome back, everyone.

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