The Next Restaurant Frontier: Car Dealerships?

We've seen restaurants in gas stations (see the previous incarnation of Peter's Gourmade Grill) and car-washes (see Kush Bowl), but here's something new: Nation's Restaurant News reports that car dealerships might be the next restaurant frontier.

In actuality, they only have two examples thus far: a Fort Worth Ford dealership that brought in a locally known restaurateur to revamp their showroom cafe and the Cohn Restaurant Group of San Diego which is planning a 10,000-square-foot eatery in a Lexus dealership in Escondido to be called Vintana.

Cohn, an empire builder of restaurants if there ever was one, is the one to watch. If it catches on, I for one welcome a restaurant at my local car dealership, especially the next time I'm waiting for my car to be serviced. Think of it: a captive audience stuck for hours who would rather not eat out of the vending machine? It would seem car dealerships might just be an untapped opportunity.

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