The Most Pointless Valet Service in Orange County: Geisha House

Geisha House in SanTana's cursed CityPlace development just opened, and I haven't stopped by to try the place so can't comment on the food. I can, however, offer an opinion on its valet service: pointless.

It's one thing to offer valet service in urban areas where parking is scarce or in vast lots, but that problem doesn't exist at CityPlace: The parking lot, from end to end, takes no more than three minutes if you walk on game ankles and trick knees. And it's not like CityPlace is slammed with business, either: even with Mother's Market and McCormick & Schmidt's as anchors, one can find parking at any time--and good spots at that.

So, why the valet service? From its website and big pictures of those infantile Japanese wome that Gwen Stefani so idolizes outside its structure, it's apparent Geisha House sees itself as a scenester restaurant and not one trying to compete with the Kappo Suzumarus and Honda Yas of the world. I might try out the fool, but in the meanwhile can safely say that anyone who pays $5 for the valet service deserved to get ripped off for their stupidity.

Geisha House, 2773 N. Main St., Santa Ana, (714) 564-0350. Click here for a newsier take on CityPlace!


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