Something's brewing even further north
Something's brewing even further north
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The Lost Bean Branches to Anaheim

Bodie Rasmussen's oft under-the-radar coffeehouse has kept Tustin residents caffeinated for a number of years. Most recently, they took over the neighboring space to launch a modest wine bar serving small batch varietals. They are now moving on up in the world, recently announcing their expansion.

The Lost Bean is the first of six tenants to lock in a contract with ARTIC. What exactly is ARTIC? You may not be familiar with the name, but if you drive by Honda Center (via the 57 freeway) on any given day, you'll see its future home. Yes, the monstrosity of a structure being built is that and then some.

Its formal name is The Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center. This Frozen-sounding reference would make little sense, if not for the hockey arena behind it-- although we don't think that was exactly intentional. Offering OCTA bus service, Anaheim Resort Transportation (ART), Metrolink, Amtrak and other means of transport, ARTIC will serve as a hub for increased local and visitor traffic. The organic roastery and cafe's kiosk plans to extend their socially conscious focus, donating a portion of their sales to local charities in the Anaheim area. Expect The Lost Bean to start serving thirsty commuters towards the end of this year.

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