The Hidden Kitchen at Rooster Cafe Will Be Gone After Feb. 20th

Get it while it lasts, folks.  The final curtain call for The Hidden Kitchen in its current incarnation at the Rooster Cafe will be February 20th.  

Dr. Jeff Dobkin, one of the principals behind the project, wrote the following entry on their blog yesterday:

Next Phase

As those of you who have dined with us know, our current situation/location was/is only temporary.  We continue to search for a space that we can call our own, one where we can flex our creative muscle a bit more (but not too much!): a few more options for dishes, lots more wine, etc.  To this end, we have decided that February 20th will be the final day of service for The Hidden Kitchen at The Rooster Cafe.  Keep coming back until then and make sure that we have your emails addresses, etc. so that we can get you info about our permanent location. 

We have had a blast and thanks to Jack at the Rooster for his willingness to share space.  We look forward to better, but not necessarily bigger, things.



So there you have it: there's not much time.  And when you consider that it's only open for dinners Thursdays and Fridays, that means you have a total of 14 days to act.

Hopefully the foursome (Jeff, Julie, Jason and Holly) will transition to their own place soon after.

If you still don't have any idea what I'm talking about, read my full review HERE, and then get a reservation already!!!


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