The Habit Sells Good Fries, Are Mensches to College Students

The Habit Sells Good Fries, Are Mensches to College Students

I wasn't too kind to the Habit, the Santa Barbara-area burger icon, when they arrived to Orange County earlier this year. I still think their burgers are overpriced, given their small size--but the flavor is spot-on.

Last night, I took a group of students from my class at Cal State Fullerton to eat at the Habit across the street from the campus. One of the student groups on campus was having a fundraising night at the Habit whereby the chain donated 20 percent of any purchase accompanied by the club's flier that night to the club. That endeared me to the Habit anew--and then, the fries.

I'm not a fry guy, but was famished last night. But even if I'm hungry, I will ignore weak, pasty, thin, bland fries. These weren't. You can see from the photo above that these guys were sturdy, somewhat thick, and fried a perfect golden-brown. They had a crunch, didn't dissolve in vats of ketchup or mustard, actually pleased. Add to that the fact that the Habit even bothered with these college students, and this chain has a new fan--but only on those fundraising nights.

The Habit, 2720 Nutwood Ave., Fullerton, (714) 871-9116.

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