The Greatest Lunch Photo Of All Time Turns 80!

The Greatest Lunch Photo Of All Time Turns 80!
Bettman Archive via Wikipedia

Even back in 1932, it was cool to snap photos of people eating lunch. The New York Times Lens blog has a wonderful tribute to the iconic photo "Lunch Atop a Skyscraper," which turned 80 yesterday. While it remains a defining image of New York City's history, not much is known about the image, except that it was taken on 69th floor of the RCA Building in Rockefeller Center (later renamed the GE Building) as construction was nearing completion. Who are these steel workers sitting some 800 feet in the air? And more importantly, what kind of sandwiches are they eating? As food writers, we must know. 

Ah, well. It's still the greatest lunch photo of all time, one that's part of New York City's story of--as the NYT tells it--"industrialization and immigration, resilience and ambition, hard work and high hopes." Makes you kind of feel like a weenie for eating a Lean Cuisine at your desk, doesn't it?  

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