The French Are Using Duck Fat for Biodiesel

Reuters had a tantalizing story about how the French, particularly those who live in Dordogne, are converting duck fat into biofuel. If the headline piqued your interest, it's probably because you associate duck fat as the luxury item it is here. Even Reuters played up that angle. The article is titled "French Duck Fat Puts Gourmet Spin on Biodiesel." Those crazy French. What next? Caviar and champagne?

The story goes on to note that the biodiesel is actually made from a mix of everything, along with fryer oil and fat from calves and pigs. But it's ducks they're up to their necks in. The article estimates that a planned plant from a cooperative of farmers will generate 360 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year by processing 9,000 to 10,000 cubic metres of waste (which includes the fat from the water fowl). I suppose there's only so much cassoulets and confits they can stand to eat.

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