The First Time I've Never Left a Tip: Zipangu

I used to like eating at Zipangu at the LAB in Costa Mesa. Yeah, it's sushi for hipsters, but I rather enjoyed their fusion rolls, loved the happy hour specials, and cracked up every time I saw some gabacho fall to the Asian persuasion. Gee, gaijin: when did you stop stealing our women?

But I'm not returning. I committed the grossest of dining faux pas, one worse than licking your plate in public: I didn't leave a tip. But it was warranted: after finishing my meal (which I received rather quickly), I didn't receive my bill for 45 minutes. I did everything possible to warrant my waiter's attention: placed the empty plates near the edge of the table, tap my empty water cup, even placing my chopsticks on top of my plate, which a cute girl once told me was lingua franca in Asian restaurants that this bird wants to fly.


It wasn't like Zipangu was slammed; busy, yes, but no more than other nights I visit. And that waiter was taking care of others around me, so it's not as if he was so slammed as to do a bad job to all eaters--just to me. I should've never made the mistake of ignoring Costa Mesa's many other sushi palaces, and neither should you.

Zipangu, 2930 Bristol St. # C, Costa Mesa, (714) 545-2800. And the crap mid-90s alt-rock is too loud, too!


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