The Doghouse Coming to Newport Beach
Anne Marie Panoringan

The Doghouse Coming to Newport Beach

We were walking from the auto ferry to dinner when something caught our attention: the kind of scrawled homemade sign you can't help but glance at. We're glad we did, because it was one more bit of newsworthy gossip before the weekend.

There isn't a whole lot to tell, really. The space was formerly A La Carte Gourmet Bistro, a quaint cafe serving affordable fare and service with a smile. We don't know how long ago it closed, but the spot will breathe new life soon enough.

As the sign states, The Doghouse will be dishing up hot dogs and burgers. And per their Public Notice of Application for Ownership Change, the license to sell beer and wine was transferred last month. Hey, we'll take it!

The Doghouse will open at 704 E Balboa Blvd, Newport Beach.

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