The Curry Crowd

Last night, I took my own advice and attempted to get the $5 special at Curry House in Irvine. But evidently so did everyone else. 

I tried calling ahead first, but all I kept getting was a busy signal. So I drove there and found a mob outside. There were about twenty or so people waiting in the parking lot, and probably a dozen more I couldn't see. Either way, I decided saving $5 wasn't worth the trouble. 

I'm almost positive that very few in that Curry Crowd got the tip off from my blog post yesterday. In fact, judging by the turnout, it seemed the deal was widely known despite my post.  But I'm curious if any of you Forkers were there last night.

In any case, the amazing thing about it is that Curry House was just selling three items at half-price -- it wasn't like they were giving out free food! 

This goes to show that: 

a) In a recession, any deal is a good deal 
b) Curry House's food is more irresistible at $5 than $10 


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