The Counter Opens Third OC Restaurant

The Counter Opens Third OC Restaurant

I still miss Fatburger, which used to hold court here at Park Place in Irvine. It's not that the plaza was exactly burgerless (you could technically get a burger at Ruth Chris, Houston's, or even the employee cafeteria in one of the buildings if you can find it), but open finally this past weekend is The Counter. 

This third The Counter to open in OC is located next to Mizuki. The franchise is managed and operated the same people who manages and operates the other two (in the Woodbury part of Irvine and Newport Beach). And unlike the Fatburger chain, which has dwindled, word is that the same franchisee is planning to expand the chain in OC by a few more stores. 

Watch this place for more news on that as it develops.

2981 Michelson Dr., Irvine, CA 92612, (949) 596-7227;

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