The Capital Grille Coming to South Coast Plaza

Last week, it was announced that an east coast chain called Seasons 52 was coming to South Coast Plaza. This week, the invasion of out-of-state fine-dining chains continues with a new restaurant called The Capital Grille.

The press release I received goes into a few details about wine lockers, and "Chef's daily features made with local Californian and artisanal ingredients"; but the most interesting bit may be the part that actually gives pretty obvious clues to where it will be located.

It states that the "9,500 square foot location in Costa Mesa (will open) in the Fall of 2010" and that it "will offer complimentary valet service and open on the south side of South Coast Plaza, facing Bristol Street."

This writer's hypothesis? The Capital Grille will move into the space vacated by the recently shuttered The Clubhouse.


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