The Bruery To Start Filling Blank Growlers

The Bruery To Start Filling Blank Growlers
The Bruery

It's a common conundrum for California craft beer drinkers: Too many growlers, not enough shelf space. The assumption has been that current law only permits breweries to refill the 64-ounce to-go jugs if they're from their own shop. But in February, the head of the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control made a surprising "clarification" saying that breweries could fill any sealable vessel under certain guidelines.

The news has prompted many breweries in Southern California revise their growler policies. Yesterday, The Bruery announced it will be selling and filling blank, two-liter, Palla-style swing top growlers in addition to its regular branded growlers. Read all the details about the decision here.

More breweries should be following suit. Last month, the LA Brewers Guild announced that some local brewers would begin "non-native" growler fills in the upcoming weeks.

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