The Antioxidant Intoxicant at The Corner, Our Drink of the Week!
Anne Marie Panoringan

The Antioxidant Intoxicant at The Corner, Our Drink of the Week!

There's something about mason jars. We stocked our first apartment with cheap drinkware  from a Libbey Glass outlet in Walnut out of convenience. Today, we spot this utilitarian piece as trendy vessels for sticky toffee pudding, canning projects and Real Simple organizing examples. It's ironic, really. Such a plain item represents urban outfitting; mason jars are the West Elm of clear glass.

Finding a jar used in the manner which we prefer most was a throwback. Where were we, and why was our drink ghostly pale? The easier response was The Corner in Huntington Beach, the tougher one required some tinkering.

Veev is a curious acai spirit. Acai berries are considered one of the highest sources of antioxidants. The unsweetened, 60 proof liquor needed a worthy counterpart. The ion in Ion vodka is infused with electrolyes, which rehydrate you. Together they form the opposite of spa water, yet garnished with cucumber, basil and mint for extra freshness.

A Catch-22 for cocktails, drinking the mix intends to cleanse and screw up your decision-making skills in no time. Psychologically, I'm convinced it tastes a little like medicine--great, yummy medicine. If only our intoxicant came with an equally effective personal trainer.

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