The 11 Open (And Almost There) Eateries Inside Pacific City's Lot 579
Pacific City

The 11 Open (And Almost There) Eateries Inside Pacific City's Lot 579

Before we learned the backstory behind Huntington Beach's Lot 579 food hall, all we could think of were junior dress sizes. It's actually a nod to lifeguard towers 5, 7 and 9 that are across PCH. Now that that mystery is solved, we're here to walk you through its current and upcoming tenants.

Not to be confused with Pokemon
Not to be confused with Pokemon
OC Weekly archives

Bear Flag Fish Company - OPEN
Easily the longest line on opening day a couple of weeks ago, they've got the seafood and the view to please hungry visitors. Serving up what the name suggests, expect super fresh poke and fish tacos, among other specialties. Did we mention they've also got a full bar?

Gravy trainEXPAND
Gravy train
Photo courtesy Pacific City

Burnt Crumbs - OPEN

Bringing a new twist on an already successful brick-and-mortar concept, this is exactly what Paul Cao was talking about in his On the Line way back when. Featuring guilty pleasure indulgences, we are clearly smitten with the spaghetti grilled cheese (We kid you not.). A fried chicken sando held together with mashed potatoes and biscuit bookends may also put one in a food coma. 

Frosted Cupcakery - NOT QUITE
Having tried them back in the day over at their Belmont Shore spot, they were always a solid pick for dessert. Scheduled to launch next month, the mother-daughter team is stoked about setting up shop in their hometown. We'd recommend a flavor, but it's so hard to choose!

Give us the scoop!
Give us the scoop!
Photo by Liz Monroy

Hans Homemade Ice Cream - OPEN
If we're talking OG desserts, Hans is definitely on that list. Despite selling the company a few years ago, he taught its new owners about the art of creating smiles through ice cream. Scooping the classics, they are the first tenant one encounters when stepping foot into 579.  

Carb partyEXPAND
Carb party
Photo courtesy Pacific City

Il Barone Sicilian Street Food - NOT YET
If you're wondering whether this is related to the Newport Beach Il Barone, you've guessed correctly. Actually, it's Chef Barone's son and nephew helming this quick service operation. Think pizza slices, fresh calzones and sweet pastries to please the carb lover in all of us. Salad selections, plus beer and wine are bonus. Here's hoping they make their September debut.

Thing of beautyEXPAND
Thing of beauty
Photo courtesy Pacific City

Petals and Pop - OPEN

For the girlie girl in you, head over for some bubbles with your stems. The notion of sipping champagne while they assemble something purty is brilliant for this offshoot of their original, non-alcoholic Seal Beach spot. Other giftable options are also for sale, but who can resist? We still covet our pair of fancy shears. Retail therapy should always be this pleasant.

#abetterbrekkie than what most are having
#abetterbrekkie than what most are having
Anne Marie Panoringan

Pie-Not - OPEN
Like they really need an introduction. Included in our Top 5 for 2013,  the Australian handheld meat pie crew gets their wish for a second location. Offering both savory and sweet pie creations, it may very well be our favorite takeaway option in the Lot. Oh, and remember to use your damn hands!

All the pretty colorsEXPAND
All the pretty colors
Photo courtesy Pacific City

Popbar - OPEN
One needs only to check Popbar's social media following to understand the hype. Pretty and portable, they are tucked away in one corner of 579. We expect lines to start wrapping around once word gets out. Hint: We like a drizzle (or half-dipped with nuts) designed over a colorful base for maximum likes.

May I please have another?
May I please have another?
John Gilhooley

Portola Coffee Lab - NOPE

Coffee coffee coffee! Buzz buzz buzz! Shocker our Deans of Caffeine weren't open sooner, since they were so focused on getting this up and running that they ignored their Union Market Mission Viejo outlet. Expect the crafted goodness they are notorious for. Just remember they aren't the only beanery in the plaza.

The American Dream - NOT QUITE
Apparently, burgers and beer are the things dreams are made of at this future food stand. Boasting 60 IPA beers on tap, come on get hoppy over at this beachside staple. We wish we could tell you more besides the fact they are slated to open before end of the month.

The 11 Open (And Almost There) Eateries Inside Pacific City's Lot 579

Bonus: Mahogany Smoked Meats - NOT EVEN CLOSE
At first glance, it sounds sort of like a butchery. Actually, they're a jerky group out of Bishop. Fancy pork chops, sliced bacon packs and knackwurst are just some of their available products. Known for their effective smoking methods, they've been around since 1922. Oh, and they're slated for an October opening.


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