The 10 Strangest Fast Food Chain Items: But Surely There Are More?

Disclaimer: I've outright nicked this from our sister pub, SF Weekly.

CLICK HERE for the slideshow of gruesomeness.

But there must be some better examples out there (the Sausage McGriddles look like pure junk food heaven to me, and the carrot and raisin salad is hardly outlandish).

Admittedly, there are some howlers, namely the Pizza Hut Winter Double King Pizza and the McDonald's McAloo Tikki, which I've tried before. (Trust me: it's vile, although the fact I hate peas might have something to do with it).

So if you find anything weirder on your travels (whether in OC or further afield), please let us know. I, for one, would nominate Pret A Manger's Christmas Sandwich, which is exactly what it sounds like (turkey, sausage meat, cranberry sauce, lightly fried onions and arugula). If they'd skip the last ingredient it would be the best sarnie ever! But I still think it qualifies as "strange", because most people prefer their Christmas dinner on a plate.

The excellent British chain, sadly, has yet to make it to the west coast (there are outlets in NYC and DC), but they tell us they're not ruling it out. And, for what it's worth, here's a YouTube video entitled "New York View from pret a manger" (sic), which has to be the most pointless and least-watched clip ever?


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