Quite the lineup.
Quite the lineup.
Anne Marie Panoringan

Coke x Coke West at LSXO, Our Drink of the Week!

There are cocktails; and then there are tales that make you cock your head to the side and say, "What the . . . " This is one of those. With a special, Friday and (now) Saturday-only menu after 10 p.m., Bluegold's "restaurant within a restaurant" wished to present a more elevated experience to kick off the weekend. When we dropped in to check it out, this was the last thing we expected to encounter.

LSXO's Coke x Coke West could've been interpreted a number of ways. A certain cola base, for example, would be the obvious choice. Maybe a shade-throwing, Kanye-inspired concoction? Even an uber-trendy, ode to concerts mashup could've fit the bill. But no. Instead you're presented a silver platter. It's so dimly lit inside, it'll probably take a minute or two to process what's in front of you. Make no mistake— those are grainy white lines off to the side.

But before you overthink the situation, let's first appreciate your glass. A triple dose of rum incorporates an amaro known as Averna. Single Malt Laphroiag punches it up. It's strong and effective, much like those lines would be if this were the 80s. Alas, you're in Huntington Beach. And the white dust is better utilized as coffee sweetener than anything else. So roll up a dead president and take some creative selfies while you're at it. You know you want to.

LXSO, 21016 Pacific Coast Hwy., Ste. D200, Huntington Beach, (714) 374-0083; www.dinebluegold.com/lsxo


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