Thai Nakorn's Garden Grove Store Reopening

Thai Nakorn's Garden Grove Store Reopening

O.C.'s Thai food-enthusiasts know the story already: Thai Nakorn was originally in Buena Park, blocks away from Knott's when it got kicked out by its landlords to make way for condos. But they moved to Garden Grove soon after, and all was well. 

That's when the fire happened.

When things looked bleak, it was announced that they would reopen in Stanton. And when they did, it was a resurrection which brought back the favorites. Crispy catfish with mango. Wild boar stew. All was well again. 

Now, the Garden Grove location is literally going to rise up from its ashes. A tipster named Bonnie has told me that it will be re-opening in late February or early March. 

With two Thai Nakorns in O.C., all will never be better.

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