Tennessee DMV: F-U to ILVTOFU Vanity Plate

A PETA employee called Whitney Calk moved from Virginia to Tennessee and tried registering her car in the new state with a custom tag that expressed her love of tofu, not her love to F-U. Either way, that state's DMV refused the application for a vanity plate that read ILVTOFU under the grounds of obscenity.

Tell me if you've heard this one before. The Denver ABC affiliate reports that PETA paid a Colorado resident for the same stunt in that state, and The Tennessean says they fired up their PR machine for the same thing in Florida and Virginia.

We'll play along with PETA's lame publicity stunt, but we wonder if they're going to repeat this already-tired gag in the other 46 states? We're not sure about California, but with t-shirts for sale on Cafepress, we're guessing it's been done here already.

Perhaps California's DMV didn't play into PETA's little ploy. If they weren't lax on possibly offensive words, we have to wonder how this cooking lover slipped past them?


We really do hope our state's license plate arbiters are less uptight than Tennessee's. Since some of our neighbors recently got their panties in a bunch about a restaurant named Pho King Way, we hope to see this plate trolling around Mission Viejo:

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