Tender Greens and Kabuki To Open At Irvine Spectrum

Tender Greens and Kabuki To Open At Irvine Spectrum

Irvine Spectrum is proving, yet again, to be the last frontier for chains that have made it everywhere else. In the past we've seen Cucina Enoteca, a branch of Tracy Borkum's Urban Kitchen Group based out of San Diego; Wood Ranch Grill, a BBQ chain with 14 stores that started in Moorpark; and Paul Martin's, an American Bistro by Paul Martin that has locations in L.A.

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Now the tradition continues with Kabuki, a sushi restaurants with outlets in Huntington Beach and Cerritos. And also Tender Greens, a salad-centered restaurant that has several restaurants in San Diego and L.A. Counties. Where they will land exactly at the Irvine Spectrum Center remains to be seen.

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