Tarantino Night at The Retreat in SCP

The folks at The Retreat inside The Spa at SCP are hosting a Quentin Tarantino Costume Party tomorrow, Saturday October 25th, starting at 8 PM. The sushi-chef/rock-star Cody Requejo should be there, and since they're cookin' burgers, I'm sure Dave Mau will be too. He's the place's grill master after all.

On the menu are Jack Rabbit Slim Style Burgers, fries and some "pretty fucking good milkshakes". The milkshakes aren't five dollars though -- they're included the cost of admission along with the rest of the meal. Tickets are $15 if you get it presale, $20 at the door.

It will be poolside, and there will be a DJ spinning tracks. I'm thinking Kool & the Gang and Dick Dale are sure bets. Tomoyasu Hotei's "Battle Without Honor or Humanity" is probably a lock too.

The catch is that if you attend, you must dress like a Tarantino character. God forbid someone shows up as The Gimp.


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