Taqueria Tapatia Owner Shien Wong Sentenced For IRS Evasion

Taqueria Tapatia Owner Shien Wong Sentenced For IRS Evasion

The owner of two popular Santa Ana restaurants has been placed on two years of federal probation after admitting that he tried unsuccessfully to trick the Internal Revenue Service on $16,000.

Shien Wong--a native of Taiwan and owner of Taqueria Carniceria Tapatia and Taqueria Tapatia--was arrested by federal authorities in March and eventually admitted that he knowingly tried to evade IRS disclosure requirements by making two, $8,000 bank deposits in May 2010 into his GBC International accounts.

Federal reporting requirements mandate that banking institutions inform the IRS of all $10,000 deposits.

It's not clear exactly why Wong--born in 1954--tried to cheat but his two sons--Jason and James--told U.S. District Court Judge Andrew J. Guilford that their father is a good man, excellent father and remorseful about his crime.

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Robert S. Horwitz, Wong's criminal defense lawyer who said the money did not involve illegal funds, asked for a punishment of one year of probation.

This week, both Guilford and a federal prosecutor agreed that a term of two years of probation was adequate.

Wong's restaurant has been touted as superb by Weekly editor Gustavo Arellano.

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