Taqueria Guadalajara Offers 89-Cent Tacos, Wants You to Laugh at Economy

Stylistic note: photo is not of Taquerias Guadalajara, nor is Calvin pissing on a location. He's pissing on the logo of the Chivas, the Guadalajara-based soccer team whose colors and goat mascot Taquerias Guadalajaras uses for promotions. Chivas pelan.

For years, Taquerias Guadalajara was the pale runner-up to Taquería de Anda, the homegrown OC taco empire. But, as I noted earlier, Taquería de Anda's quality has fallen as precipitously as its prices have increased, leaving Taquerias Guadalajara prime to capture the crown of OC's best taco chain. But, as I always note, I cannot in good conscience ever recommend folks to spend more than a buck on a taco--it's a sin as cardinal as charging for chimichurri. I don't care that Taquerias Guadalajara's tacos are pretty damn good--not too small, with a well-cooked tortilla housing perfectly charred meat. $1.39 for this taco ain't worth it.

However...for the past couple of months, the location on First Street in SanTana has offered diners a bargain--tacos de carne asada or al pastor for 89 cents Monday through Thursday from 3 p.m.-10 p.m. This, amigos, is a deal--one of the best remaining for a full-sized taco in la naranja. Even then, I don't think enough people are taking advantage of the bargain; recently, they printed little cards with a laughing, leaping man under the headline (in Spanish): Crisis Special!!! Laugh at the Economy but with a Full Gut. Could it be because a much-better deal is next door?

Taquerias Guadalajara, 1904 W. First St., SanTana, (714) 547-7515


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