Tai Kao: The Bruery's Thai Iced Tea Beer
Melinda Denton

Tai Kao: The Bruery's Thai Iced Tea Beer

The Bruery has become known for its brazen experimental beers and now that it has its own mad science lab of sorts--a 3-barrel pilot system--Patrick Rue and the brewers can pretty much run wild. 

One of the most interesting brews to hit the Placentia tasting room: Tai Kao, a Thai iced tea beer. Rue was always a fan of the Southeast Asian beverage, so he came up with a recipe that captures its flavors. The uncarbonated, 8% beer is served with ice over coconut milk. Reviewer Unsystematic wrote that the beer "confused and amazed" him: 

"Tai Kao pours a thick, impermeable carrot juice-color with a rich light orange head. The head may not have been big in size, but it was dense as hell and it left thick lace spackled down the sides of the glass like drywall. The smell was musty and earthy with a big smack of sweetness from the coconut milk. I also picked up some hay, shaved carrots and a faint jasmine rice aroma."  

Tai Kai is still available in the Bruery's tasting room for a short while longer. 

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