Taco Truck Commissary Connected to Santa Ana Mayor Robbed!

Pulido, at rest in his hacienda...
Pulido, at rest in his hacienda...

Over the weekend, two men walked into Able Food Services in SanTana, took out guns from a briefcase, and made off with $8,000 in cold, hard, taco-scented cash. See, what the Orange County Register didn't report was that Able Food is a commissary for some of SanTana's many taco trucks, and that it's directly connected to Mayor Don Papi "Miguel" Pulido.

Read my colleague Scott Moxley's excellent exposé

for the connection between the Don Papi and Able Food Services. On my part, the only other comment I'll add is that Able Food doesn't seem to service as many of the county's better loncheras as its main county commissary competitor,

International Catering in Irvine

, from where Alebrije's and its miraculous taco acorazado rests for the night...

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