Taco Factory Out; Tacos & Co In At Irvine Shopping Center

Taco Factory Out; Tacos & Co In At Irvine Shopping Center

I liked Taco Factory. Though I can't remember what I really thought of their tacos, I recall, as with most purveyors of this kind, they offered a Taco Tuesday special where tacos were about a buck.

Now the Taco Factory that I spent at least three or four Tuesday evenings many years ago (at Sand Canyon and Irvine Center Drive) is closing, according to a tip from reader Mike.

It's turning into a Tacos & Co, which I also can't remember much about, though I've also eaten at the Newport Beach store.

A background: Tacos & Co is a chain that's at least four stores strong, with one already in Irvine. Taco Factory has nine stores throughout Southern California, with two in Irvine until this one defected.

Will anyone even notice the difference? Will anyone blink? I can't say. Though I think I now remember why I liked Taco Factory: they had Orange Bang!, which was a good enough reason to like the place.

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