Taco Bell Puts Nachos In A Burrito

Taco Bell Puts Nachos In A Burrito
If we were a fly on the wall at a Taco Bell brainstorming session, the meeting would probably sound something like this:  

"So, we've already put chips in a burrito. And then we made a taco shell out of chips. What should we do next?"  

"How about we . . . put chips in a burrito?"   


Taco Bell's latest promo menu item is the Beefy Nacho Burrito. It consists of seasoned beef, nacho cheese, sour cream and "queso strips," all wrapped in a flour tortilla. According to GrubGrade, it'll be sold at locations nationwide starting on May 23 and will cost 99 cents. 

What will those crazy taco-makers think of next? We're still waiting on the Cool Ranch Doritos taco.   
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