Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Police Say Woman Buys Taco Bell Before Buying Drugs

Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Police Say Woman Buys Taco Bell Before Buying Drugs

There's that wonderful stereotype of Taco Bell being the ultimate stoner food, for Taco Bell attracting blitzed people to satisfy the munchies. You rarely hear, however, about people buying Taco Bell BEFORE buying drugs--but that's what cops say happened in Middletown, Connecticut say happened.

One quick note: the part with the asterisks had the woman's address in the original story, so you know you're in the middle of Hicksville when you encounter newspapers that still do



Now, the story


A Cromwell woman allegedly stopped at Taco Bell for some chow before meeting up for a drug deal set up by police using a suspected dealer's phone, police report.

Jill Fucini, 44, 5 Cedarland Cour, was charged with criminal attempt to possess narcotics and possession of drug paraphernalia in a school zone on Feb. 22.

According to police, officers had arrested a suspected drug dealer whose cell phone went off while police were present. Officers reportedly used the phone to text and set up a drug deal with one of the people calling.

Police went to the prearranged location set up with the person, and a short while later a gray Chevrolet Impala pulled right up to where the officer was waiting in a vehicle. The officer exited the car and identified himself as a Middletown police officer and told the person to get out of their car.

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