Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Philadelphia Screamin'!

Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Philadelphia Screamin'!

Philadelphia is in the news right now mostly because of a laughable piece of liberal guilt masquerading as journalism that appeared in this month's issue of Philadelphia. Taco Bell is in the news right now based in the monstrous success of their Doritos Locos tacos. And when the twain meet, it's--of course--in this column.

Actually, it happened in something called Bala Cynwyd, but who's keeping track? Roll the tape!

Three men were stopped by police after they created a disturbance inside the City Avenue Taco Bell on March 6, police said. At 9:11 p.m. Wednesday, police responded to 5 W City Avenue on report of a disturbance and were told by management that the three men had been cursing and throwing things around, but had left.

Police located the car and conducted a traffic stop. One of the men, a 27-year-old Philadelphia man, was cursing at police and was ordered out of the vehicle, police said. The man had a knife in his possession, and upon a search, police discovered a small amount of marijuana on his person, according to the report.

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