Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Manager Beats Up Racist Drunk!

Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Manager Beats Up Racist Drunk!

My apologies for the five people who like this series for not having written one of these in the past two weeks, but you know how I am about loving racists who get beat down by the people they bully.
From Covington, Kentucky:

A racial tirade directed at Taco Bell employees ended with one woman arrested for DUI and another for battery Thursday evening.

Officers from the Covington Police Department were called to the fast-food restaurant by an off-duty Alabama police officer who had witnessed the altercation between a customer, 27-year-old Rebekah Lynn Reynolds and Alexis Moniece Geathers, 27, the manager of Taco Bell. The off-duty officer said that he watched the manager go to Reynolds' car and punch her in the face more than once.

On the way to speak with Reynolds, an employee of Taco Bell stopped the officer and told him what happened to start the whole altercation in motion.

She reportedly told officers that Reynolds had come through the drive-thru and was verbally abusive, using foul language and racial slurs toward the staff. At one point, Reynolds allegedly said "you better get my food n****r."

A witness to the incident told officers that she was parked behind Reynolds' vehicle when she saw the manager of Taco Bell come out and begin speaking with her. She said the two argued and she heard the manager say "you are not going to disrespect me," before striking Reynolds three times in the face.

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