Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Man Accidentally Knocks Out Friend with Chair While Assaulting Someone Else!

Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Man Accidentally Knocks Out Friend with Chair While Assaulting Someone Else!

The last fistfight I got into was in college, when some guys tried to kick my ass for reasons I can't remember anymore. My other friends jumped in, and everyone began wailing on each other, with us barely winning. When you're in such a scrum, you make sure to know where you kicks and punches are heading--you don't want to smack your friend by accident, especially if you're aiming to injure.

Someone should've told that to Denzel Green, who was about to hit someone with a chair but, during his wind-up, smacked his own friend so hard that he fell to the ground and began bleeding!

From Livermore, California, which I thought was populated only by eggheads:

The Livermore Police Department is investigating an assault with a deadly weapon that occurred inside the Taco Bell at 985 E. Stanley Boulevard on Sunday.

At around 1 p.m., LPD received a call reporting a fight inside the Taco Bell involving multiple males. The caller reported that one male was using a chair as a weapon. Officers arrived on scene and contacted the victim of the assault. Based on victim and witness statements, officers were able to identify the suspects as 21-year-old Denzel Green and 20-year-old Jose Serrano.

According to the victim and witnesses, Green and Serrano walked into Taco Bell and attacked the victim. During the attack, Green picked up a chair, lifted it above his head and struck the victim in the upper torso. As Green pulled the chair back above his head a second time to strike the victim, he accidentally struck his accomplice Serrano in the head, causing Serrano to fall to the ground and bleed heavily from his head. Serrano was able to regain his footing and fled Taco Bell with Green. Witnesses described Serrano as being disoriented, bleeding heavily from the head, and having difficulty walking as he fled the scene.

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