Taco Bell Crime of the Week!

If this woman gets anything from her suit, I'd say ALL Taco Bell eaters have a chance for some cash. From Nowheresville, also known as Muncie, Indiana:

A woman who says she bit down on a "hard rocky substance" in food she bought at a local Taco Bell has filed suit against the restaurant chain and its food supplier, claiming the incident has caused her "loss of enjoyment from life."

Attorneys for Kay A. Romine filed the suit last week in Delaware Circuit Court 5, asking Judge Thomas Cannon Jr. to schedule a jury trial in the case. The suit -- filed by Carmel lawyers Jeremy Baber and David Stewart -- says Romine bought the food in question from the Taco Bell at 701 S. Tillotson Ave. on Aug. 8, 2008, and "returned to her home to eat the food."

Romine is reported to have "bit down on a hard rocky substance that was in the food prepared by the Taco Bell restaurant," the suit states. Any resulting injuries are not detailed in the suit, but Romine's attorneys say their client suffered "pain (and) mental anguish," along with "loss of enjoyment," and incurred medical expenses as a result of "physical injuries."


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