Taco Bell Crime of the Week!

When I first read this dispatch from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, I thought that the criminal involved was a homeless guy who was honestly hungry and thus felt sad. Turns out the guy wasn't homeless and had a blood-alcohol count nearly three times over the driving limit. Ah, boozing...anyway, the report!

A Victor, Idaho, man was charged Wednesday with shattering a double-paned window during a break-in attempt early Monday at Taco Bell.

Jed A. Mitchell, 27, told an arresting officer he was trying to get into the restaurant because he was hungry and said Taco Bell was supposed to be open from "9 until midnight," according to court records.

Mitchell was arrested about 12:45 a.m. after a passer-by called police and said heavy-set man in a dark jacket threw a crow bar at his window.

When Jackson police officer Katherine Peterson arrived, the passer-by told her the suspect was breaking into the Taco Bell, records say.

At the restaurant, Peterson allegedly saw a heavy-set man in dark jacket who appeared to be wedging a large object between the door and its frame, records say. Peterson drew her pistol and ordered the man to get on the ground, records say.


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