Taco Bell Crime of the Week!

A faulty sewer line isn't a crime per se, but how lousy is life in Macomb, Illinois, that the following is a news story--or that "several excited Taco Bell fans camped outside the restaurant in anticipation of" the restaurant reopening?  Camping overnight for Taco Bell? God should've smote those sad, sad souls on sight. Anyway, the dispatch:

Mexican fast-food fans looking a Taco Bell fix will have to wait a little longer for their Burrito Supreme. After sewer problems were discovered Friday morning, the restaurant, located at 420 West Jackson St., shut its doors and will be closed for several days.

According to the restaurant's owner, John Duryea, employees at the restaurant discovered Friday morning that the restaurant's toilets were not functioning properly.

A plumber who was called in to assess the toilet problem discovered a collapsed sewer in front of the restaurant. The sewer is buried several feet underground.


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