Taco Bell Crime of the Week!

I knew Taco Bell had opened outposts across the globe, but in Costa Rica? The ticos have one of Latin America's great tamales, a horchata-like rice drink spiked with honey, and wonderful beans-and-rice dishes--why would the country need Mexican food? Oh, right: it's for all those damn American tourists. Nice to know that Taco Bell is exporting the same problems that plague its stateside restaurants--this time, with bugs! From Costa Rica:

Eating out [at] fast food restaurants may be risky as fast foot operators are being accused of adding, not intentionally, an ingredient that is not very palatable to their customers: insects.

The ministerio de Salud confirmed Thursday that it is investigating two fast food restaurant chains that have been the source of at least six complaints in the last 22 days.

The ministra de Salud, María Luisa Ávila, said that four restaurants operated by Taco Bell and two by Pizza Hut are the focus of their investigations, where customers have reported to find insects - slugs, worms and cockroaches in their food.

Avila explained that they have asked the managers of each of the restaurants in question to carry out a complete inspection of their food handling process and products sold.


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