Taco Bell Crime of the Week!

The bigger crime this week isn't so much the physical one, but the headline accompanying the story--"Taco Bell Bandit Ran for the Oaklyn Border." HA HA. Why didn't the paper just call the thief a bandito and work in something about greasers and Chihuahuas? Of course, such racial subtleties are expected from where the crime took place: New Jersey.

Now, the story--

actually, the border part


....[The police spokesperson] said that at some point, the lone holdup suspect, identified as Joseph Schipp Sr., 37, fled the restaurant with the bag of cash. He headed toward Newton Creek, which is near the restaurant.

Later police spotted three men along the shore, hiding in some weeds. One of them entered the water and began swimming toward the opposite shore, said the chief. After about 20 minutes, police captured all three men who were brought to a Conrail trestle for arrest.


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