Taco Bell Crime of the Week!

Taco Bell Crime of the Week!

We all know Taco Bell nickel-and-dimes us on taste, but what happened in Galveston, Texas for the past couple of years was ridiculous.
From the article:

Jim Solliday ate at Taco Bell infrequently, not because he particularly craved the fare but because it was cheap and fast for the busy father of four and president of the Clear Creek High School Baseball Booster Club.

About three years ago, Solliday happened to glance at his receipt from the fast-food restaurant, 2103 E. Main St., and noticed something amiss.

The sales-tax amount listed on the receipt was a bit higher than the 8 percent in taxes imposed by the state and city of League City. Galveston County does not impose a sales tax.

Solliday had been charged an additional 2 cents, he said.

He filed a complaint on Taco Bell's website, and a customer service representative called and said the franchise owner would investigate the issue.

When Solliday in April took his son and other baseball players from Clear Creek to Taco Bell after practice, he began telling the boys about his overcharge years ago at the restaurant.

Out of curiosity, Solliday did the math on his sales tax and found that he had once again been overcharged at the same Taco Bell.

Read the whole piece, as it gets better and illustrates my original sentence!


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