Taco Bell Crime of the Week!

What deranged criminal would call in a fake 911 call claiming a fake shooting at a Taco Bell so their pal could rob a Wendy's? It happened in Florida:

Altamonte Springs authorities say a woman called 911 early Sunday about a fictional shooting at a Taco Bell to distract officials as a male accomplice armed with a BB gun robbed a Wendy's restaurant at 2200 W. State Road 434.

Authorities executed a search warrant at a Lake Mary apartment on Sunday and arrested two people: Mary D. Nobles, 29, and Ronald Darrell Mills, 23.

Officials said they found the getaway vehicle used during the Wendy's robbery, the BB gun and other items from the restaurant, including an envelope and a cash register drawer, according to a news release from the Altamonte Springs Police Department.

Authorities say Mills pointed the gun at the head of a Wendy's employee as the worker was taking trash to an outside garbage container early Sunday. "Mills then ordered the employee to go inside the restaurant, and had the employee and manager lay face down on the floor with their hands behind their backs,'' a news release alleges.

"Mills then removed a cash register drawer and an envelope containing cash from the manager, and fled out the back door." The robbery was reported at about 1:05 a.m. At around the same time, as Nobles was waiting for Mills in a getaway vehicle in the Wendy's parking lot, she placed a false 911 call about a shooting at a Taco Bell at west State Road 436 and Montgomery Road.


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