Taco Bell Crime of the Week!

The big story regarding Taco Bell is the death of its former Chihuahua mascot, and we'll have a proper eulogy once I recover from my recet wisdom teeth extraction. But you'd think criminals would at least take the week of out of respect for the dog who helped Taco Bell expand worldwide...but no! From South Carolina:

A Charleston man charged with robbing the Patrick Street Taco Bell restaurant in January has pleaded guilty in Kanawha Circuit Court.

Brenya James Beverly, 23, told Judge Charles King that he approached manager Michael Hill from behind on Jan. 3 in an alley outside the restaurant and wrestled him to gain control. He then stole $4,300 from Hill, who was on his way to make a bank deposit.

Beverly had been an employee of the Taco Bell, said Assistant Prosecutor Rob Schulenberg.

"He told him that he had a firearm," Schulenberg said. "And the manager gave him the money."

Beverly said he did not actually have a gun.


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