Taco Bell Crime of the Week!

Our fearless leader Ted Kissell worked for many years in the Miami-Broward-Palm Beach area, one of the great places in the country to work as a reporter. If it's not angry Cubans, it's cocaine cowboys or sexy nalgas or God knows how many other depredations. Of course, the crimes. And when there's crime, there's Taco Bell. From our sister paper in Broward-Palm Beach:

After 20-year-old Karari Ritchie was arrested Tuesday in the homicide case of a Taco Bell manager, Broward Sheriff's detectives say he told them about a partner from Miami -- but that was a red herring. Detectives believe he was trying to protect his older brother, Tesfaye Ritchie, but they say they pulled Tesfaye's fingerprints off a cup that was found at the murder scene.

Karari, say detectives, was a former employee of the Taco Bell on Oakland Park Boulevard. He used to get rides to the restaurant with Tikkitress Johnson.


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