Taco Bell Crime of the Week!

No jokes from me this week: this story from Austin is absolutely horrible, and the two pendejos charged deserve a lifetime of Border Sauce burning all their orifices. For once, Texas justice is good justice...now, the story:

Two teens were charged with murder Friday in the death of an elderly woman who was struck in the face and severely injured during a gang initiation robbery, police said.

Jonathan Anthony Kelly-Contreras, 17, and a 14-year-old had already been charged with aggravated robbery after investigators said they snatched the purse of 75-year-old Jennie Sue McClusky outside a South Austin Taco Bell.

McClusky was elbowed in the face during the Jan. 25 robbery and fell face down to the parking lot pavement, police have said. She had been in hospice care in the days before her death on Wednesday.

Contreras was booked Friday night into the Travis County Jail with bail set at $1 million. His attorney said he did not participate in the crime.

The other teen had not yet been arrested. Authorities would not release the name.


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