Taco Bell Crime of the Week!

The Taco Bell crime of the week that's getting the most attention is Miami Dolphis star linebacker Joey Porter getting arrested outside a location for DUI; the crime that's probably the most hilarious happened in Charlotte and involved masked men robbing a spot for food (what methed mind thought up of THAT?) But the one we'll highlight involves a miracle: a law enforcement official resigning for being an undue asshole toward an innocent person!

From Tampa


After being cut off in traffic, an off-duty jail deputy confronted the motorist at her fast-food job, berating the woman and then flashing his holstered gun in front of her boss, investigators say.

Frederick Schwab, a Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office employee since October 2006, resigned last month in lieu of dismissal.

An internal affairs report concluded that Schwab "failed to deal with individuals of the community in a manner calculated to instill respect for its laws and its police service."

On Nov. 13, according to the report, Schwab was in his Nissan on State Road 60 in Valrico waiting to turn into a Taco Bell parking lot when a 2001 GMC Denali pulled in front of him.

The female motorist, who worked at the Taco Bell, said Schwab entered the restaurant and asked to speak with her, telling her, "You need to learn how to drive. I can have you arrested and I can put you in jail because you cut me off."


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