Taco Bell Crime of the Week!

Sorry for the light posting this week, folks; been busy exposing anti-Semites over at Navel Gazing...

This week's entry is actually from last week but is now just percolating up to the mainstream media instead of merely existing with the Daily Rottens of the world. From the state of Washington:

A family's plans for a $15 dinner at Taco Bell turned into a meal costing hundreds of dollars because the restaurant overcharged them, a Vancouver man said Thursday.

Alan Merrill used his debit card to buy dinner at Taco Bell last week. The receipt for the meal showed the correct amount and Merrill never realized he was overcharged until he tried to make a withdrawal the following day. It was then Merrill realized that Taco Bell had charged $150 instead of $15."

We had it all budgeted out," Merrill said. "We know exactly how much we spend. That knocked us in the hole."

Because he was overcharged, Merrill started receiving overdraft fees for each item he purchased after the Taco Bell meal. Soon, $400 worth of overdraft fees began to pile up.

To Taco Bell's credit, they paid for the man's overdraft fees. Against Taco Bell's credit, their food sucks.


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