Is that a leather cap?
Is that a leather cap?

Taco Bell Crime of the Week!

I had lunch with someone recently at TK Burgers, and when I told them about this particular SAFII feature, they mentioned how their mother once had a credit card stolen. Among the items charged to the lady's accounty? Taco Bell. From the Baltimore area:

The male subject in the included photos is being sought for questioning in connection with a theft and use of a stolen bank card. The theft occurred on May 16, 2009 while the victim was visiting a restaurant in Bel Air.

The suspect then used the bank credit card to make purchases at the following locations: Citgo gas station on North Avenue, Baltimore; Taco Bell in Bel Air; and, the WAWA in Bel Air. In addition, several other transactions occurred at retail establishments in Baltimore County.


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