Taco Bell Crime of the Week!

Enough of the Taco Bell love of last week--back to our regularly scheduled column examining the strangest crimes in the past week involving Taco Bell. This one's a doozy from the Great White North or whatever the hell they call Alaska...

Three tacos cost a Fairbanks man $100 in fines, one day in jail and one year probation.

Warren E. Strickland, 31, of Fairbanks, pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct Tuesday for throwing a double-decker taco at a manager of the Taco Bell restaurant on University Avenue.

Strickland said he was upset during the Jan. 14 incident because a taco contained spit after he had been through the drive-thru twice to correct his order.

According to a criminal complaint filed in court, he went into the restaurant and threw the taco at manager Carol Dzimtrowicz, who said it hit her in the face and that she was scared of Strickland. Another employee reported that Strickland threatened to knock him out.

Strickland was arrested at his home driveway, where he admitted throwing the taco, according to the complaint.


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