Taco Bell Crime of the Week!

Okay, there's no logic among people who want to rob Taco Bells. But, come on: if you were to do that, why leave with nothing? And if you do leave with nothing, why return home--especially if you live in a no-name town like Neosho. Neosho? Wasn't that a Japanese game console from the early 1990s? Apparently, it's a town in Missouri:

A 32-year-old male subject is currently in custody after his arrest Tuesday evening in connection with an attempted armed robbery at the Neosho Taco Bell, located in the 1700 block of Industrial Drive.

During the armed robbery, the suspect demanded cash from the cash drawer and showed a weapon, but the cashier denied his request. The suspect left the scene without incident.

Less than an hour after the incident, officers with the Neosho Police Department made contact with the suspect at his residence on Palm Road. The suspect's description and vehicle matched what was given by eyewitnesses at the crime scene. A consent seacrh of the suspect's residence revealed the clothing and weapon he used during the robbery. He was arrested and is currently awaiting the Newton County prosecutor to file formal charges.


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