Open, Open, Open!!!
Open, Open, Open!!!
Anne Marie Panoringan

Sweet & Saucy, Chic Long Beach Bakery, to Expand to Crystal Cove

Like the progression of a Mad Men episode, Cougar Country Crystal Cove Promenade is slowly evolving with its dining selections. The first US branch for Tamarind of London opened late last year. Then we welcomed Bear Flag Fish Company late last month. Apparently, the upscale plaza is becoming notorious for sequels, as yet another successful business is about to call the scenic plaza their second home.

Based out of Long Beach, Sweet & Saucy Shop reported the good news on their blog at the beginning of March. Co-owner and head baker Melody Brandon is one busy lady, as she's also about to be a mommy. . . . right around now (according to her blog post)!

Best known for their cake lollipops and impressive wedding spreads, other fanciful confections include French macarons, specialty cakes and mini desserts. Her original Long Beach location is run by a team of 10, including her hubby, Tim. They sorta remind us of an upgraded Ace of Cakes (are you reading, Food Network?)

Brandon states they are hoping to open their doors in approximately three months. We're giving them until Fourth of July before getting anxious.

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