Sushi 5 in Tustin Closes
Edwin Goei

Sushi 5 in Tustin Closes

I found out this week, after writing a blog review of Sushi 5, that the day after I had my meal and the day before I wrote the post, the restaurant had closed for good.

In retrospect, all the clues were there.  The other half of the restaurant was separated by curtain.  I peeked and saw booths ripped out, chairs in disarray.  But I simply dismissed it.  I thought they were remodeling.  

My optimism stemmed from the fact that I thought I just stumbled upon them as they were rethinking their business model.  They had jettisoned their conveyor belt concept (it never worked here), and put in its place a traditional sushi bar and a special deal called "Happy Choice" for which you get 10 pieces of sushi for $11.95. 

Well, it turns out that they had ditched the conveyor belt nearly four months ago.  And now, they were just giving up.  As soon as my post went up, a reader broke the news to me.  And the review, meant to be a comeback story, became a eulogy.  Insert Michael Jackson analogy here.

As reader JB succinctly put it, there would be no "happy ending" for the "Happy Choice".


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