Superior Chicharrones
Edwin Goei

Superior Chicharrones

Name: Superior Chicharrones - Original Pork Rinds

Origin: U.S.A.

Found at: Superior Super Warehouse, Buena Park

Cost: $1.19


Pork Rinds, Salt.

Why I Bought It:
I don't consider pork rinds wacky.  It's part of my diet. In fact, before I decided to do a Wacky Snacks post on it, I had another bag of this exact brand of chicharrones in my cupboard. This new bag was bought because, well, I plowed through the first bag before I could take a picture.

To me, at certain times of the day, they hit the spot better than potato chips. Nevermind that that spot is my arteries...but I digress. This is proof that the pig truly is a "magical animal", per that oft quoted philosopher, Homer J. Simpson.

And have you seen anything so Zen as this list of ingredients?

Tasting Notes:
I don't think I need to fully describe what a chicharron tastes like: it tastes like pork rinds. But there's something particularly great about this store brand. The puffs are greaseless, ethereal, and unadultered. There's nothing but crunch and porkiness.

Eat one within earshot of someone and they'll instantly salivate. Just try it and see how long before they ask you to share.

There are the "unpopped" morsels that settle at the bottom. Those aren't so great, almost inedible. But just like popcorn, you accept them as a part of the experience.

A bag of these. A couch. A TV. That is all you need to become the living embodiment of Homer J. Simpson.


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